Land mines have caused more than 2,000 casualties

Since the civil conflict began in Yemen nearly one million landmines were planted in various parts of Yemen. As a result, thousands of innocent lives are being lost or severely injured, this includes children, women and the elderly.

Yemen is facing a crisis and a great challenge in removing nearly one million unmapped landmines, these areĀ  death traps for millions of Yemeni people and will continue to be for the next decades.


Our aim is to raise a national awareness among the Yemeni people about the danger of the mines and how to avoid being a victim of mine explosion. We also aim to inform them as to what action they should take when being subjected to such an unfortunate incident.


According to mine removal experts the incidents caused by mines have killed as many as 920 civilians and wounded thousands. Please click here to find out the latest reports.

We always up to date with news regarding landmines victims in Yemen. In this section you will find more information.


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