About Mine Free Yemen

Since the civil conflict began in Yemen nearly one million landmines were planted in various parts of Yemen. As a result, thousands of innocent lives are being lost or severely injured, this includes children, women and the elderly. Explosives and other deadly weapons are leaving the people of Yemen scarred for life; feeling threatened and forcing the millions of Yemenis to flee their homes.

Sadly the ones who are injured do not receive professional medical care, rehabilitation or physiological and mental support . 

Yemen is in desperate need for the support in finding hundreds and thousands of unexploded, unidentified and unmapped landmines.

Not making a change will result in the population of Yemen to will drop horrendously in the next decade. Urgent help is needed for the people of Yemen. They should live the way everyone deserves, free of fear for their lives and hope for a safe future.

Our Aims

Mine-Free Yemen is a NGO  based in the UK  aims to:

1. Raise the National awareness among the Yemeni community regarding the danger of the mines and how to avoid being a victim of landmine explosion. Educate them on what to do when being subjected to such an unfortunate incident.

2. Raise the awareness to the international community regarding the size and nature of the problems with mines in Yemen and its catastrophic effects on the Yemeni people.

3. Seek the help from the international community including governments and anti-mines organisations to clear and destroy the mines, particularly in the areas near towns, villages, and rural communities. This includes training and equipping Yemeni people to be involved in the mines clearing process.

4. Seek financial and technical aids from NGOs and international communities to help in the treatment and rehabilitation of mines incident victims in Yemen.

5. Establish a database for the victims of landmines in Yemen. This will help us to facilitate and deliver the required help to them.

6. After the conflict in Yemen ends, we want to work with the international communities to clear all mines from the Yemeni soil, especially areas the people of Yemen are more prone towards.