COVID-19 campaign to support landmines victims and their families in Yemen

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Catalina Devandas stated clearly “Little has been done to provide the necessary guidance and supports to people with disabilities to protect them during the current COVID-19 pandemic, even though many of them belong to the high-risk group.” Her statement also noted that the measures of protection could be detrimental, “Containment measures, such as social distancing and personal isolation, may be impossible for those who require support to eat, dress, or shower.”, This also applies to  landmines victims in Yemen.  Read more…

Write to your MP about landmines problem in Yemen

There is a large British-Yemeni community in the UK, with a population of around one hundred thousand people. With the size and nature of the landmines problem in Yemen, most members of this community are very concerned about the safety of their families, relatives, and friends in Yemen. 

As a member of the British-Yemeni community, you need to  write to your MP to express your  concern about this problem and ask his/her  help to do whatever  they  can to save the Yemeni people from the deaths and injuries that can be caused by these landmines. 

The landmines issue on the agenda of political negotiations

Mine-free Yemen has strived to put the landmines issue on the agenda of political negotiations. During the political negotiations between the Yemeni government and the Houthi delegation held at Stockholm under UN supervision on 12 /12/ 2018, Mine-free Yemen has written to the Yemeni foreign secretary Mr. Khaled Al-Yamani, the head of the Yemeni government negotiating team, asking him to include the landmines issue on the negotiation agenda, particularly the disclosure of  landmines maps in the contaminated areas.

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Links with organisations working with landmines victims in Yemen

Mine-free Yemen has cooperated with Developmental Re ayah Foundation in Yemen (Taiz) which involved in providing care to landmines victims. 

Develpmental Re ayah Foundation

A non-governmental Yemeni foundation as well as non-profit one. It was established on the 21st of September 2015 according to the license issued from the labour and social affairs bureau No 17/2015 as it works in the field of social caring and humanitarian development. The foundation offers the humanitarian aid and relief for the damaged species in our society.


Leadership in caring and development for the affected families in our community.


Strive to offer services and develop distinguished programs in caring for the affected families through performing many programs, activities and projects that contribute in developing the individual as well as the society. 

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Media outreach

Mine-free Yemen is outreaching media to raise national and international awareness about the landmines crisis in Yemen. 

Mr. A. Al-athwari interview with Yemen-tv

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